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Welcome To The KITT PLAYER MP3!

My idea started about 3 months ago when I was looking for a nice little plugin for Winamp. I then saw a plugin that controls a LCD caracter module. Clicking on the download button was like clicking on a hole new hobby without me knowing it!

While searching on the WEB I collided into Man, do the people know their stuff...

Future plans: Cordless network, USB GPS antenna, DVD (FOR PASSANGERS, OFCOURSE!), TV & radio card, Voice commanding, Mobile phone connection for my Nokia 3510i (tricky one), censors from car connected to KITT (speed, fuel, ect.), uhm...

About the player

Here are the specs of the player:

Motherboard: GIGABITE VIA chipset 6VMML.
MEMORY: 128Meg 133 SDR RAM.

NEW: 5" TFT RCA LCD display, converter from VGA to RCA.
The 2x16 LCD & KEYPAD are home made.

SOFTWARE: Win98, Winamp, PC-anyware (remote control), LCD & COMcontrol plugins, Tweak all (skips the network password window) and A LOT of MP3's!

The KITT Player
At this moment KITT is running form a 12v - 220v UPS that are connected to the power supply of KITT (on top). The UPS is also connected to the car battery that also charges the UPS's batteries. Note that if you wants to connect an UPS to your car battery please use thick cables to stay cold. If the cables are too thin it might burn because of the high current.

The power supply are just a temp one. If I can find a shop that sells switchmode ic's then I can start building a portable 12 volt PSU for KITT. Then goodbye big PSU, UPS and that light buzzing sound it gives over my radio!

Connecting the player to the Pioneer
Pioneer has an interesting comm. device called the IP-BUS. This is also the only input for the audio. The main problem was to 'lie' to the radio to tell him that there was a CD changer connected to it. My changer had 2 board that was connected to each other . The one was the controller and the other the communication board (I think...). Putting power on the comm. board, switching on the radio, pressing the SOURCE button, see an ERROR on the screen and caerfully pulling the 2 boards appart solved the problem.

About this site
This is only a temp site due to the space I'm using. On the other hand I always wanted to post my KITT PLAYER on the net. Thanks to Shaun (


I will not be held responsible for any damages on your project (if you are building one) and no animals were harmed during the making of this project!!! I also will not be held responsible if your dog ate your project for breakfast, or an accident you have caused because you were looking for a song on your player! Thank You!

Where the name came from...
The name came from that ALL HIT SERIES: Knight Rider! Since I'm a BIG fan of KR, KITT sounds good.

(KITT stands for Knight Industries Two Thoushand. My KITT stands for Karel Industries Two Thousand)
E-mail me!

This site will never be finished... Still under construction. ;P